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Member Profile


 Eric Burger is holding the blue flag for fellow member Bill Parsons. Eric joined our club in 2007 and really doesn’t play enough golf.
We have no idea what his handicap could be. We know what it is, but not what it could be. He is a powerful young man with a greatimagination. He once imagined he could reach #4 in two. He is a very good putter. He claims to have never three putted. His fellow competitors told us that if he misses the first putt, he picks up and moves on to the next tee. Thus, no three putting. Now that takes imagination and . . . . some nerve.
If you ever have an opportunity to play golf with Eric, you should think twice about it. Once because you have the privilege of playing with such a gentleman, and second, because you are almost certain  it will be a day you will never forget.




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The View Point

"If I could have breakfast with that view every day, I would!  The food is as good as the view - EXCELLENT!  Thanks!"  A. Rouse, Director of San Ramon, CA

November, 2014 Newsletter  


  October was a busy month for our grounds crew. They have a never ending task of trimming trees, weed eating, mowing, and doing what ever is necessary to keep Mount Shasta Resort looking good. Tony Hart has a dedicated crew who truly take pride in their work. Earl Stuckler, Mike Burns, and Mike McGhee are just a few of the crew who help maintain the grounds daily at MSR. We also appreciate the hard work of Nick Gribkoff, Johnny Campbell, Tamara Rayburn, Jesse Kerwood, Jason Hubbard, and many others.
Our Member/Guest Skins Game and BBQ was held on the 19th of October and the participation was good. Andy O’Sullivan nearly aced hole #2, won the KP, and won a skin. Kellen Waite and Chuck Camozzi were the big winners with two skins each. Other winners were Keith Morris, Ken Carr, Rick Poore, Rocky Wagner, Greg Ott, Mark Acord, Dave Trevisan, Steve Hillman, and Scott Swindiman. Everyone was happy with the tri tip and all the other trimmings.
We also got some rain in October. According to the Mount Shasta Resort Weather Service, we have received close to six inches since the 20th of October. The golf shoes we sell are only waterproof up to the laces.




An Update From The G.M.

     The golf course maintenance crew has been very busy this month liming up trees and fixing cart paths.  For our member’s convenience, more rakes have been added to our bunkers.  A used maintenance vehicle was purchased to replace the one that recently went to “truck heaven.”         Thanks to Rod’s flyers and calls to members, we had a great turn out at the member guest     tournament on October 19th. Rod will be setting up a golf simulator in the Pro Shop this month, so be sure to stop by and check it out.   


The Turkey Shoot  

  Please join us on Saturday, November 23rd, for our annual Turkey Shoot Four Player Scramble. The entry fee is only $20.00 per player and includes frozen range balls and a ten pound frozen turkey for each frozen player. Hand warmers will be available when you check in. Get your team together and reserve a tee time ASAP. Cross your fingers, if you can, for good weather.

Join us November 27th between 1pm and 7pm for our annual Thanksgiving Day Buffet.  Enjoy hand carved Turkey, Ham and Prime Rib , along with all the traditional fixin’s and a dessert buffet to die for. Cost is $27 for Adults and $13.50 for children.  Please call 926.3030 for reservations.  


The Vampire Bite Challange

   It rained all day on Saturday the 25th, so we held this challenging event on Sunday the 26th. The course was very wet and the “lift, clean, and place” rule was appropriate. We had several two player teams compete and the costumes were something to behold.
Each team played the first six holes as a scramble. Holes #7 thru #12 were played as “alternate shot”. The last six holes played as a two player better ball. The “666” format was the challenge and the scores reflected the difficulty.
The team of Danny Hansen and Mark Acord shot a net 70 and won nothing for their costume presentation. Matching that score of net 70 was Larry Rendon and Jess Marin. Their costumes were so scary, we decided not to share the photo.
Kellen Waite and Guy Crispi teamed up for a net 71. Kellen said he would take Guy as a partner next year as well. Theron Afseth and Kale Riccomini struggled together for a net 72. They were seen later trying to reconcile their differences. Audra Gibson and Marc Beylik also managed a net 72 on a tough day. The two in the photo won “Best Costumes”, but their golf game was not so good and they did not have much to smile about.

The Hole In One Club

  She lives in New York City and came to Mount Shasta Resort for a nice vacation. She never expected to make a “hole-in-one” the first time she ever played golf here. Originally from
Amsterdam, Adrianna is a marathon runner. She has placed respectfully in such races as the Boston and New York Marathons. She has also raced in Amsterdam and other marathons in Europe. One of her best memories in life will be the “ace” she made on hole #13 here at MSR on September 30th. She used her Calloway eight iron to find the hole on #13 and came into the Golf Shop with the biggest smile we’ve seen this year. She and her man Lucas will most likely come back next year for a “repeat” visit.


 He drove down from Ashland to try out our course for the first time and went home with quite a memory. Rick managed to play one of his best rounds ever and helped his score by getting a “hole-in-one” on #13. He was a little embarrassed about telling us the details. Apparently the 65 year old used his trusty Taylor Made seven iron to find the cup on the short par three. However, the shot required a little luck as well as skill. The twenty something handicapper pulled his tee shot left of the green and his Titleist glanced off a tree before it slammed into the flagstick. Rick told us that he always aims left because his ball always seems to slice. His ace was recorded on October the 8th and we heard that Rick purchased a Lotto ticket on his way home.



Play golf at Mount Shasta Resort and bring your camera.