The View Point

"If I could have breakfast with that view every day, I would!  The food is as good as the view - EXCELLENT!  Thanks!"  A. Rouse, Director of San Ramon, CA

June, 2017 Newsletter  

May was a busy month with people visiting here from all over the map. Our good friend, “Malibu Mitch,” showed up to celebrate his 62nd birthday and help out a few days with the Chamber of   Commerce Tournament on the 19th. We also had some friends visiting from Switzerland. Walter and Simone Altofer came to Mount Shasta to visit Simone’s mother, Claire, who recently turned 91. Walter and Simone played golf and Claire road along in a golf cart. Claire is a resident of Mount Shasta and no longer plays golf.
The reconstruction of our snack bar and outside deck will be completed soon and we are all looking forward to having things better than ever. The harsh winter was a setback, but we have a busy summer to look forward to. And remember, our Member Appreciation Day is set for June 3rd. Please join us for some fun, prizes, and surprises.

Upcoming Events

Member Appreciation Day:
We mentioned earlier about the Member Appreciation Day. We are offering cool tee prizes and a nice snack bar lunch along with a free raffle for a new golf bag. Just call the Golf Shop for a tee time.
U.S. Open:

The U.S. Open Sweeps is scheduled for Saturday, June 17. The entry fee is $20.00 per player and the format is the basic “blind draw, individual low net, partner low gross,   combined scores, and KP’s on all par threes.”  Just call and make a tee time and you are in.
Your net score on Saturday will be combined with a PGA player’s weekend total.

Father’s Day:
June 25th is father’s day, and dads play for free with each paid green fee. If you feel like treating dad to a day of fun, call and make your tee times today! 530 926 3030 ext 186.

July 4th:
Tee times  will be available for the front and back nine 7:30-8:30am. Call pro shop to reserve a time at: 530 926 3030 ext 186.
Our Highland House Restaurant will have a BBQ buffet   dinner 5pm-9pm. Dinner prices are $30 in the restaurant and $50 for VIP patio seating. Reservations are a must to attend. Call the restaurant at 530 926 3030 ext 4 for  availability.
The driving range will open to the public at 5pm with music by Secret Society Handshake, a hamburger BBQ, beer booth and more. Admission is $2 per person, children 4 and under are free! 


Rules and Etiquette

Perhaps the most well-known unwritten rule in golf is screaming “FORE” when you are in jeopardy of hitting someone else on the golf course with your ball. Yelling “fore” is the universal way of letting other golfers know that there is a golf ball headed in their direction and it is common courtesy in a game with inherent dangers of being accidentally struck by another player’s golf ball.
It is always good golf etiquette to avoid walking in the line of a player’s ball on the green, the line between the player’s ball and the cup. The only exception would be if    someone yelled “fore” and you were running for safety.
It is also proper etiquette to remain silent when your    fellow competitors are teeing off, putting, or hitting any golf shot. Complete focus is essential in golf and one should be careful not to say or do anything that might interfere or ruin another player’s focus. Rattling change or keys in your pocket is also a good way to upset a player’s concentration. Barking, coughing, cracking your knuckles, clearing your throat, yawning out loud, or sneezing in the middle of one’s stroke is certainly frowned upon.
After you skull your bunker shot over the green, it is still important to rake the bunker and leave it in good shape for the next players who happen to land their ball in the same bunker. Breaking the rake over your knee and throwing the two parts in separate directions is not permitted. 


Tips From the Old Pro

Now and then you are going to encounter very slow greens. This is quite common in early spring, due to all the rain we get. The rain creates wet greens and prohibits proper mowing of them. The best way to putt slower greens is to add a little wrist action. Allow your hands to set the wrists in the      backstroke and release the putter head through impact. It is also a good idea to accelerate the putter head, but not too much. Good putting requires good “touch and feel.” That can only be developed through lots of practice. Just remember to keep your hands quiet on fast greens and add a little wrist  action on slow greens.
In regards to senior golfers, we all lose distance with our  driver as we grow older. Therefore, it would make sense to focus on practicing with your fairway woods, or metals, on the range. Your second shots will be longer, so get working on your long fairway clubs and watch how your scores start getting better. Make sure you catch the ball with a descending blow with your fairway woods. Do not try to lift the ball or you will be hitting nothing but “nineteen hoppers.”  Also work on a smooth tempo and you’ll notice better results.


Golf Trivia

We have all heard the golf terms like birdie, bogie, eagle, double eagle, and albatross. The term condor is known as four under par on one hole. That would be a hole in one on a par five. Can you imagine getting a hole in one on the first hole here at MSR? It could be possible. The first hole measures only 511 yards from the blue tees.  How about a hole in one on the forth or eighteenth holes? Probably not possible. We have seen guys swing out of their shoes trying to accomplish that feat, but nothing recorded as yet.
Jack Nicklaus collected his first paycheck on the P.G.A. Tour back in 1962. He was awarded $33.33 at the L.A. Open. He must have finished out of the top ten.

Member of the Month

Audra Gibson has been a member here for twenty years and recently became Mrs. Marc Beylik. They are a lovely couple and we hope to see them out on the course often. Audra carries a 23 handicap at this time, but remembers when she was a 19 and had more time to play the game. Back then, she coached the MSHS Girls Golf Team.
Marc and Audra had their “first date” playing a round of golf on New Year’s Eve 2014. Both competitive and compatible, they were married in September 2016 and typically get out to play on the weekends. Marc says Audra’s golfing strength is her consistently ‘down the middle’ drives. Audra says Marc pulls off some amazing shots, is a very good putter and a great cook. Hole #3 is both a favorite and a least favorite for them here at the Resort. Marc says it’s fun to be rewarded by good shots on this hole, but a challenge to his mental game with a bad drive. Audra’s swing thoughts on #3 often recall her teammates razzing her about the squirrel she killed with her drive during a Mercy Tournament. “What did your ball hit?” asked the men up on the white tee blocks. “I don’t know, but it’s in the middle!” she replied. Back came, “Whatever it was, it’s flopping around in the fairway!” Both Audra and Marc feel blessed by the natural beauty of their ‘home course’ and the joy of being together, no matter the outcome of the golf game.


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