The View Point

"If I could have breakfast with that view every day, I would!  The food is as good as the view - EXCELLENT!  Thanks!"  A. Rouse, Director of San Ramon, CA

October, 2018 Newsletter  

The smoke has cleared and the skies are blue again. Conditions are right for another Saturday “Skins Game.” Coming out to show off their golfing skills were Tom Boehme, Daniel Sanchez, Brandon Alvarado, Dave Turk, Travis Whitney, Rick Merritt, Sean Harker, Ryan Jackson, Nick Mutz, Kellen Waite, and Jim Clark. More players  participated, but they would not join the photo shoot.
God bless firefighters! We had firefighters staying at the Resort for rest and recovery throughout the month of August. Our GM told them they could golf for free, to help reduce their stress before heading back to the fires. One fireman’s response was “I’ve played your course before, and it stressed me out!”

The “John Fryer Memorial” will happen on Saturday, the 29th. This will be our Stroke Play Championship, so don’t forget to reserve a tee time. We will have individual awards for Low Gross and Low Net. Sharpen up your game and get your name on our new trophy. 

Tip Of The Month

Most golfers who tend to slice the ball with their driver have actually perfected the shot. They even aim further left and discover the slice gets worse. Slicing a golf ball is similar to slicing a tennis ball or a ping pong ball. You create left to right spin by having a swing path that travels from outside the target line toward the inside. Now sometimes a slice is a good thing to have, especially if you have to bend the ball around some trees or other obstacles.
To draw the ball, you simply swing the driver from inside the target line toward outside the target line, with the clubface slightly shut. This is very similar to putting over spin on a tennis ball or a ping pong ball. Swing from in to out and turn it over. Of course, proper timing is important with any golf shot.
Visualization is also an important factor. You have to  visualize the shot shape you desire and your mind will transfer the information to your body, hopefully. If you visualize a negative outcome, you will usually have a    negative result.

Anual Vampire Bite Tournament

Two player tournament set for Saturday October 27th. Six holes scramble, six holes alternate shot, and six holes best ball. Get ready, and remember to dress up!


Golf Trivia And Humor

In last month’s newsletter, we provided some interesting trivia questions. We will now share with you some of the answers.
The fastest players here at MSR are usually in the group behind you.
The slowest players are always in the group ahead of you.
The best golfer here at MSR is the one who tees off last in a tournament and usually wins at least two “KP’s.”
Most golfers in carts don’t bother to use the trash   receptacles located near each tee area because they think it’s cool to leave 36 half empty beer cans for the cart boys.
The best putter here at MSR is not you.
The member who hits the most range balls here at MSR is also not you.
There are usually around 27 range balls in a small basket and 68 range balls in a large basket.
The best bunker player here at MSR is not you.
The worst bunker player just threw his sand wedge in the pond on #7.


 Retired And Ready To Play

Ricardo Baldonado is one of our new members and signed up in April of this year. This man is delightful and is loving his retirement. He is happy with his 16 handicap and has no desire to become a “Range Rat.” He plays about 75 rounds a year and really doesn’t like to practice. His best golfing strength is his sense of humor and laid back personality. His lowest score here at MSR is an 82. Now that qualifies him as a “sandbagger” in some circles.
Ricardo enjoys the first hole here at MSR because it usually gets him off to a good start. He doesn’t care for hole #4 because it ruins his good start. He told us that one of his goals is to become more consistent. We told him he chose the wrong game. Golf is tough.
We will encourage Ricardo to play more rounds and only use the practice range to get warmed up before a round. It really helps.



Golf Rules Etiquette

Repairing ball marks on the greens, replacing divots on the tee boxes and fairways, and raking bunkers after your third attempt are all considered points of good etiquette. Being considerate of other players is also very important. We   encourage all our members and guests to follow “The   Golden Rule,” treat everyone the way you would like to be treated and we will all get along so much better.


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