The View Point

"If I could have breakfast with that view every day, I would!  The food is as good as the view - EXCELLENT!  Thanks!"  A. Rouse, Director of San Ramon, CA

August, 2018 Newsletter  

The 4th of July was busy as always and everyone who attended our celebration had a great time. The fireworks show was spectacular and the Secret Hand Shake Society Band did a nice job of entertaining the crowd.  The heat of July brought many a golfer up to our Resort. It seems to be at least ten degrees cooler here than Redding, Chico, and Sacramento. 
Beware of rattlesnakes when you play golf. They will usually slither away from you, but you certainly don’t want to step on one while searching for your golf ball in tall grass. Young rattlesnakes are more dangerous because they have not yet developed their rattles. They also tend to be more aggressive than adult rattlesnakes, making them more likely to bite. It is best to stay alert and avoid areas that are likely to have rattlesnakes. A Titleist is not as important as you.


Tournament Results

The British Open Sweeps was held on Saturday, July 21st. Each member who signed up for the event was paired with one of the Professionals who actually played in the Open Championship. The member’s net score was combined with his Pro’s weekend total to come up with the team score.
Bill Navarre was paired with Web Simpson and came in First Place with a team total of 204. Bill had a net 64 while Web had a weekend total of 140. Second Place went to Dan Long and Matt Kuchar with a team total of 205. Dan had a net 63 and Matt had a weekend total of 142. Third Place was secured by Jean Rodgers and Rory McIlroy with a team total of 206. Jean had a net 66 and Rory had a weekend total of 140.
Our next sweeps will be the P.G.A. Sweeps on Saturday, August 11. Be sure to secure a tee time for that day as soon as possible.

Rules and Etiquette

Bill Navarre asked for relief but had to play the ball as it lay. He could have straddled the stump, or hit the ball left handed. As it turned out, Bill hit one of his best shots of the day.
When in doubt in regards to a ruling on the golf course, please consult with one of our golf shop staff. We will find the ruling and decision in The Rule Book and have the golfer read the information with us. Most golf rules and rules of etiquette are common sense judgements.
For example, talking while someone is preparing to hit a golf shot can be very distracting. Be courteous to  everyone and you won’t be guilty of poor etiquette. Laughing at another golfer who has a difficult shot could be damaging to your own health. Once again, show some courtesy.
Now you are on the green, putting a 12 footer for birdie. Your fellow  competitor left his putt two feet short on the other side of the hole and did not mark his ball. Your putt goes past the hole and hits the other player’s ball. Two stroke penalty on you?    Yes!


Golf Trivia

*Did you know that Jack Nicklaus and Arnold Palmer both led the PGA in earnings three seasons each back in the 1960’s?
*Did you know that Tom Watson won the PGA Player of the Year Award six times?
*Did you know that Arnold Palmer played his last U.S. Open in 1994?
*Did you know that Rick Poore won four skins in our MSR Skins Game on July 28th?
*Did you know that Jack Nicklaus was the youngest player to win the Master’s in 1963 and the oldest player in 1986?
*Did you know that Lee Trevino won every Major Tournament except the Master’s?
*Did you know that Annika Sorenstam was the only Swedish golfer to win the Women’s U.S. Open two years in a row?
*Did you know that Rick Merritt was the only player to par the 15th hole in our Skins Game on July 28th?
*Did you know that Nancy Lopez was also known as “Taco” when she played golf in high school?
*Did you know that Jack Nicklaus did not win a single tournament in 1979? However, he did win the 1980 U.S. Open and the PGA.
*Did you know that Japanese golfer Isao Aoki is the only player to have won tournaments on the PGA Tour, the Senior Tour, the Japanese Tour, the European Tour, and the Australian Tour?
Did you know that Charles Corrales won a skin on July 28th?


Another Happy New Member

Our recent membership drive has netted the resort some interesting new members. For example, Tim Flanagan has been showing up and playing our course frequently, since he joined up in June. Tim carries a 14 handicap, but he should be down to a 10 very soon. He hits his driver very consistent and he thinks he is a good putter. That’s half the battle. Tim told us that he needs to work on his short pitches in order to be a better golfer. We agree.
Tim told us that his lowest score here at MSR is a 78, which is only 8 over par. We know some guys who have shot 8 over par on one hole. Tim told us that his favorite hole here at MSR is number twelve. He says it’s a good driving hole and the green is fun to putt. His least favorite hole is number four and most of our members would not argue with that.
Tim has a goal to get his handicap down to a single digit. That would be a nine or less, and we believe he can reach his goal if he plays and practices every day.
Tim shared with us a cute story about two golf balls colliding. He pulled his tee shot on whatever hole he was playing and his ball was heading left into trouble. Another gentleman, on an adjacent hole, also pulled his tee shot, and the two balls somehow met each other in mid-air. After a short discussion, they discovered they were each playing a Titleist number 3. So, Tim played the ball that came to rest in his respective fairway and the other gentleman did the same. The chances of that happening ever again must be unbelievable. 



A Bit of Humor

They stayed at the Resort for two rounds of golf on May 30 and 31st. They were also exhausted after two days of searching for their golf balls. This is the “Steve Cook Group,” a bunch of retired law enforcement and PG&E friends from Sacramento, Modesto, Fresno, Manteca, and some place in Oregon.
Steve had an unusual looking club in his bag. He described it as a trans-dimensional subsonic orbital reticulating putter. We asked him how it works and he said he lost the instructions.


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