The View Point

"If I could have breakfast with that view every day, I would!  The food is as good as the view - EXCELLENT!  Thanks!"  A. Rouse, Director of San Ramon, CA

June, 2018 Newsletter  

May was the month of our Membership Drive and the results have been positive. We have 27 new members and more on the way.
The Mount Shasta Chamber of Commerce Scramble Tournament was held on Saturday, May 12th. The purpose of the fund raising tournament was to raise money for the construction of a new Visitor Center. First Place Low Gross was won by the team of Daniel Sanchez, Byron McLane, Ryan Jackson, and Tyler Carmichael. The First Place Low Net team consisted of Jim Mullins, Rich Marquez, Jered Mullins, and Ron Barbarick.
On Sunday, May 13th, we had the “Player’s Sweeps.” Each member who participated was paired with a PGA player to bid for low total. Rick Merritt drew Jason Day and finished with a team total of 207. Also at 207 was Jeff Baldo and PGA player Harold Varner III. Two teams were tied at 208, Brandon Alvarado with Rory Sabbatini, and Travis Whitney with Rafa Bello. Our next big sweeps will be the U.S. Open Sweeps on June 16th.
The beverage cart will be coming around on the weekends during the hot summer months. We are now able to take credit card payments, or charge to your member account! Stay hydrated out there! 


New Merchandise

Golf balls are not what they used to be. Check out the “emoji” golf balls that have more personality than a Titleist. We also have “patriotic” balls, polka dot balls, and Callaway “soccer “ balls.
The new Callaway Chrome Soft, the Super Soft, and the Soft Chrome are balls you should try as well. Of course, the Volvik ball comes in a variety of neon colors to suit everyone’s taste.
The Lady Bridgestone has become popular with some of our male  golfers. They claim they can hit it as far as a Titleist, and it smells good.
Our Precept “Logo” ball is also popular with our resort guests from all over the world.


Rules and Etiquette

Bill Navarre asked for relief but had to play the ball as it lay. He could have straddled the stump, or hit the ball left handed. As it turned out, Bill hit one of his best shots of the day.
When in doubt in regards to a ruling on the golf course, please consult with one of our golf shop staff. We will find the ruling and decision in The Rule Book and have the golfer read the information with us. Most golf rules and rules of etiquette are common sense judgements.
For example, talking while someone is preparing to hit a golf shot can be very distracting. Be courteous to  everyone and you won’t be guilty of poor etiquette. Laughing at another golfer who has a difficult shot could be damaging to your own health. Once again, show some courtesy.
Now you are on the green, putting a 12 footer for birdie. Your fellow  competitor left his putt two feet short on the other side of the hole and did not mark his ball. Your putt goes past the hole and hits the other player’s ball. Two stroke penalty on you?    Yes!


Golf Trivia

Can you name the two gentlemen in this photo and where they work?
Do you have any idea how valuable they are to any business?  
What is a scratch golfer’s handicap?
Sam Snead has more PGA Tour wins than anyone. Who is second?
Who won a record six PGA Player of the Year awards.?
Who became the youngest and oldest to win the Master’s?
Who won the U.S. Women’s Open two straight times?
What golfer won nine tournaments during her rookie year on the LPGA?
How many rounds must a golfer have played to be eligible for a handicap?


This New Member Has Game!

Wes Highfill is one of our newest members and is a good golfer looking for a challenge. Wes is a solid 9 handicap, but he only plays about twice a month. That will soon change.
Wes loves his driver and he would not be a single digit golfer without it. His only downfall is his long irons. He also explained to us that he lacks a little patience and focus. That will also change.
Wes told us that his lowest round here at MSR is a 79. We know he is better than that, so that will also change. His favorite hole here is #14. The 330 yard par four is easy for Wes to birdie. All he does is drive it to the fringe of the green, chip it close, and sink a “gimme” for the bird. Hole #4 is a big test for Wes and his least favorite hole at MSR. The 573 yard par five is the toughest hole for most of us mortals.
Wes would like to become more consistent with his golf, and we are sure that he will. We can see his index dropping to a 6 or a 5. However, he must become more serious. Certain incidents on the golf course can disrupt your focus and concentration. For example, watching your buddy fall out of a golf cart while trying to retrieve a golf ball could be considered disrupting.
Welcome to the club, Wes, and tee it up often.



Don't Laugh

They stayed at the Resort for two rounds of golf on May 30 and 31st. They were also exhausted after two days of searching for their golf balls. This is the “Steve Cook Group,” a bunch of retired law enforcement and PG&E friends from Sacramento, Modesto, Fresno, Manteca, and some place in Oregon.
Steve had an unusual looking club in his bag. He described it as a trans-dimensional subsonic orbital reticulating putter. We asked him how it works and he said he lost the instructions.


Play golf at Mount Shasta Resort and bring your camera