The View Point

"If I could have breakfast with that view every day, I would!  The food is as good as the view - EXCELLENT!  Thanks!"  A. Rouse, Director of San Ramon, CA

October, 2017 Newsletter  

Golfing in October a spectacular sight to behold! The leaves change color, the golf balls change color, and the greens are in great shape. Several of our friends from Sacramento came up to stay and play at the resort recently, and they had a blast. Besides golf, they spent time in the spa and time in the lounge and restaurant, and they even spent some time in their chalet. They also made plans to come back here next year at this time.
The sweeps for the FedEx Cup was held on the weekend of September 23rd and 24th. Each member who signed up was paired with a PGA Pro and their combined score would determine how they finished. The team of Kale Riccomini and Sergio Garcia came in with a cool 204 total. But wait, so did the team of Sean Harker and Brooks Koepka. Another team with a total of 204 was Rick Poore and Matt Kuchar. That’s right, we had a three way tie for first place. Each member’s net score on Saturday was combined with their PGA Pro’s weekend total for the final team score. Our next big sweeps won’t happen until April when we have The Master’s Sweeps. You now have several months to practice.


Golf Trivia

It is a very special day if you ever make a “Hole in One.” Recently, a lady by the name of Kassandra
Komma actually scored two aces on her scorecard in nine holes. Someone sat down and figured out that the odds were one in 64 million.
Bill Zotovich scored an eagle on the par four 15th hole here at MSR on September 29th.  Bill carries a 14  handicap in Sacramento and has recorded only three eagles in his lifetime.
The very first nationally televised golf tournament was the 1953 World Championship of Golf. The incredible finish was highlighted when Lew Worsham needed a birdie to tie Chandler Harper. Well, Lew actually won the event when he holed out for eagle from 104 yards on the 72nd hole. That was a great finish.


Golf Tips Of The Month

Most golfers who tend to slice the ball with their driver have actually perfected the shot. They even aim further left and discover the slice gets worse. Slicing a golf ball is similar to slicing a tennis ball or a ping pong ball. You create left to right spin by having a swing path that travels from outside the target line toward the inside. Now sometimes a slice is a good thing to have, especially if you have to bend the ball around some trees or other obstacles.
To draw the ball, you simply swing the driver from inside the target line toward outside the target line, with the clubface slightly shut. This is very similar to putting over spin on a tennis ball or a ping pong ball. Swing from in to out and turn it over. Of course, proper timing is important with any golf shot.
Visualization is also an important factor. You have to  visualize the shot shape you desire and your mind will transfer the information to your body, hopefully. If you visualize a negative outcome, you will usually have a negative result.


Rules and Etiquette

We all know how important it is to replace your divots. This young man  replaced the divot after the photo shoot. The green Mohawk is really a divot his buddy took out of the tenth fairway. Golf can be fun if we have the right attitude!



Gift Shop Goodies

Daphne’s head covers are very popular among our members and guests. We carry    everything from farm animals, jungle animals, favorite pets, and some other interesting characters you would not expect. Some favorites have been the Shark, the Roadrunner, the Parrot, Sasquatch, the Dragon, the Leprechaun, the Sock Monkey, the Ninja, the Puffin, the Gopher, the Owl, the Lady Bug, the Gorilla, and many more.
Most customers don’t buy the head covers for themselves. They usually buy them as a gift for a friend or a family member. The head covers are all about fun and making a personal statement. If you come into the golf shop and can’t find what you want, we will order it for you.


Meet Sean Harker

Sean joined our
membership here at the  Resort just last year and has managed to get out and play at least twice a week. He has a solid 7 handicap and is well known for hitting his driver long and straight. Like many long ball hitters, he sometimes struggles with his wedge game. Imagine hitting a 300 yard drive and then missing the green with a pitching wedge. Sean told us that his lowest score ever at MSR is a 73. Now we know that he could break par most of the time if he would hit more greens.
Sean also told us that his favorite hole at the Resort is the par four 16th. He thinks it is the classic risk/reward hole, and we agree. Actually, we have several holes at MSR that set up as risk/reward holes. Sean’s least favorite hole is the 15th. A tee shot to the right of the fairway leaves no chance of   making birdie, unless you knock your third shot in the cup. Sean wants to get down to a five handicap, and that could happen within the next year.
Sean’s funniest memories on the golf course were with his golf mentor, the late Hobie Bailey. He thinks about Hobie every time he plays a round of golf.


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