Outdoor Adventure

Outdoor Adventure & Fun News

Airplane Rides
Montague Aviation    530.459.3456

Area News Papers
Mount Shasta Herald

Art & Project Center
A Melo Place    530.859-1296

Back Country Skiing
Shasta Mountain Guides    530.926.3117

Lake Siskiyou      530.926.2618

Bike Rentals
Shasta Base Camp      530.926.2359
The Fifth Season     530.926.3606

Bike Shuttle
Living Waters Recreation     800.994.7238

Cycle Siskiyou
Mount Shasta Loop Trail
Mount Shasta Pedali
The Mount Shasta Summit Century
Siskiyou Century

Lake Siskiyou     530.926.2618
McCloud Reservoir
Lake Shastina
The Fun Factory     530.926.5387

Botanical Gardens
Dunsmuir Botanical Gardens

Cedar Lanes     530.938.3278

Mt. Shasta Brewing Co.      530.938.2394
Dunsmuir Brewery     530.235.1900
Etna Brewery     530.467.5277

Cattle Camp
Fowlers Camp
Harris Springs

Iron Gate Lake
K.O.A. of Mount Shasta
Lake Siskiyou
McBride Springs
Panther Meadow
Tree of Heaven
Trout Creek

Castle Lake
Lake Siskiyou

Lake Shasta Caverns     1.800.795.2283
Lava Beds National Park     530.667.8100
Pluto's Cave

Shasta Mountain Guides     530.926.3117

Dog Sledding
Siskiyou Snow Dog Sporting     530.467.3009

Equipment Rentals
The Fifth Season     530.926.3606
McCloud Outdoors & Gear Exchange    530.316.4327
Shasta Base Camp   530.926.2359

Fish Hatchery
Iron Gate Fish Hatchery     
Mount Shasta Fish Hatchery     530.926.5508

Cantera Loop
Dunsmuir Access Points
McCloud River
Sacramento River

Ted Fay Fly Shop    530.235.2969

Fishing Guides
Jack Trout     530.926.4540
Jack Trout's Weblog
Shasta Trout
Wild Waters Fly Fishing
Mount Shasta Wellness Clinic      530.926.6010
Shasta Yoga Center     530.926.0221
Spirit Care Yoga Center     530.926.4288
White Mountain Pilates Studio     530.926.9707

Dunsmuir Botanical Gardens     530.235.4740
Living Memorial Sculpture Garden
Mt. Shasta Lavender Farms     530.926.2651

Glacier Seminars
Shasta Mountain Guides     530.926.3117

Glider Training, Rental & Ride
Montague Soaring Center     530.473.5600

Gold Panning
Living Waters Recreation     800.994.7238

Lake Shastina Golf Resort     530.938.3201
McCloud Golf Course     530.964.2535
Weed Golf Course     530.938.9971
Whing Golf

Helicopter Rides
Lake Shasta Helicopters   530.605.7140
Mt. Shasta Helicopter    530.859.1054

Short Hikes

John Everitt Vista Point
Panther Meadow Loop
Sand Flat

Medium Hikes
Black Butte Trail
Lake Siskiyou - North Shore Trail
Panther Meadows
Long Hikes
Bunny Flat Trail
Gray Butte
Horse Camp
Old Ski Bowl
South Gate Meadows

Hiking Guides
Shasta Mountain Guides     530.926.3117
Shasta Vortex Adventures     530.926.4326

Horseback Riding & Packing Guides
Mc Broom & Co. Packers & Guides     530.462.4617
Rockin Maddy Ranch     530.340.2100
S&E Outfitters     530.468.2270
VS Equine     530.925.2608

Hot Air Ballooning
Shasta Valley Balloons     530.926.3612

G&G Pheasant Shoot     530.435.2309

Ice Skating
Siskiyou Ice Rink     530.926.1715

Lake Siskiyou     530.926.2618
Osprey Outdoors Kayak School     530.925.6310
Headwaters Adventure Company   530.351.4573
McCloud Outdoors & Gear Exchange    530.316.4327

Kite Zombies     530.938.2900

Lake Shastina
Lake Siskiyou

Castle Lake
Gumboot Lake
Iron Gate Lake
McCloud Reservoir
Medicine Lake
Shasta Lake
Toad Lake

Lavendar Farm
Mt. Shasta Lavendar Farms     530.926.2651

Mt. Shasta Library

Limousine Service
Classic Touch Limousine     530.261.0379

Live Entertainment
Black Butte Saloon     530.235.1922
Roxy's Vets Club     530.926.3565
Sengthongs Blue Sky Room     530.235.4770
Stage Door   530.926.1050

Mountaineering Courses
Shasta Mountain Guides   530.926.3117

Movies & Rentals
Couch Critics     530.918.9574
Mount Shasta Cinemas   530.926.1116
Mt. Shasta Library
Ray's Food Place     530.926.3390
Video Village     530.926.4422

Siskiyou County Museum     530.842.3836
Sisson Museum     530.926.5508
Weed Museum     530.938.3868

Castle Crags State Park
Lava Beds National Park
Mount Shasta City Park
Shastice Park

Pet Resorts
Furpurrsons Pet Resort     530.926.0480

Public Transportation
Siskiyou County Stage     530.842.8295

Yreka Western Railroad     800.973.5277
Dunsmuir Amtrak     800.872.7245

River Rafting
Living Waters Recreation     800.994.7238
River Dancers     800.926.5002
Turtle River     800.726.3223

Rock Climbing
Shasta Mountain Guides     530.926.3117

Skateboard Park
Weed Skateboard Park   

Shasta Shuttle

Bunny Flat
Snowman's Hill

Mount Shasta Skate Park
Weed Skate Park

Skiing & Snowboarding
Mount Shasta Board & Ski Park
Mt.  Shasta Nordic     530.926.2142

Shasta Vortex Adventures     530.926.4326
Ski Mount Shasta

Snowmobile Rentals
The Fun Factory     530.926.5387

Sports Equipment
Fifth Season     530.926.3606
Sportsmen's Den   530.926.2232
Shasta Base Camp     530.926.2359
McCloud Outdoors & Gear Exchange   530.316.4327

Dunsmuir Community Pool
Lake Shastina
Lake Siskiyou     530.926.2618

Cascade Taxi        530.925.2527
Shasta Shuttle     530.859.3266

Effortless Tennis Coaching      760.525.4512
Mount Shasta Parks & Rec.      530.926.2494

Tours & Guided Hikes
Mount Shasta Climbers Guide
Mount Shasta Guide     530.926.3250
Mount Shasta Scenic Tours     530.926.4540
Shasta Base Camp     530.926.2359
Shasta Mountain Guides     530.926.3117
Shasta Vortex Adventures     530.926.4326
Suburban Safaris     530.842.1048
SWS Mountain Guides     530.926.6003
Tour Mt Shasta 530.926.4540

Train Excursions
Blue Goose Excursion Train     530.842.4164

Visitors Bureaus
Dunsmuir Chamber of Commerce     530.235.2177
McCloud Chamber of Commerce     530.964.3113
Mount Shasta Chamber of Commerce     530.926.3696
Siskiyou County Visitors Bureau
Weed Chamber of Commerce     530.938.4624
Yreka Chamber of Commerce     530.842.1649

Volcanic Legacy
Lava Beds National Park     530.667.8100
Volcanic Legacy Byway

Burney Falls
Burstarse Falls
Faery Falls
McCloud River Falls
Hedge Creek Falls
Mossbrae Falls

Waterworks Park    530.246.9550
Whing Golf

Wilderness Seminars
Headwaters Outdoor School     831.423.3830
Sierra Wilderness Seminars     530.926.6003

Lake Shastina
Lake Siskiyou